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Organogram of the Transport Department

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Transport Department is the Driver’s and Vehicle’s Standards compliance Department; with the mandate not to only test vehicles and drivers for competencies but also train drivers and riders to the required standards. Also the Department offers training for Garage Mechanics/Technicians and driving school tutors. Transport Department monitors Driving Schools, Vehicle Fleet Owners and Drivers; with great emphasis on professional standards, Safety and business ethics.

Added to the functions above, vehicles/motor cycles involved in road crashes are often inspected by Vehicle Examiners of this Department to ascertain the possible causes of the crashes.

All Government vehicles are inspected for pre and post repairs among other functions

The Transport Department comprises of various sections namely:

  1. The Vehicle Examination Centre
  2. The Vehicle Maintenance Section (service & diagnostics)
  3. Hiring and Towing Sections
  4. Drivers Training / Testing Section


The Department is responsible for carrying out the following functions:
Inspection of Motor vehicles and cycles for registration; Fitness; Valuation; Accident; Prohibition; Repairs,  Inspection of vehicles for Criminal Investigations; Transfer; Conversion; Damage or lost Plates.
The Department functions also include:
On-The -Spot checks; Public education; Sensitization on transport related issues;
As a Department, we have been very pivotal in the overall objectives of the Authority and in meeting its goal
Routing of commercial vehicles, Supervising the printing and distribution of Number plates, participating in vehicle Bid opening and Evaluation exercises as technical experts. Advising the Authority on technical issues relating to vehicle matters are other valuable contributions rendered by the Department in addition to the above mentioned
Moreover, testing of intending drivers and tutors for proficiency before the issuance of certificate/License, Driver’s refresher training; inspection of garages and driving school facilities etc are just among the numerous assignments performed by the Vehicle Examiners in the Department

Meet the Transport Department

Director - Mr. Arthur Brima
Manager - Mr. Daniel C. Kaitibi
Supervisor - Mrs. Sarieu Leigh
Admin Officer - Mr. John Jusu
Cross Section of the Transport Department
Cross Section of the Transport Department
group pic of staffs