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The Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority was established by statute 1996 to regulate among others the conduct of the road transport industry. In addition to the Authority’s responsibility for registering and licensing of motor vehicles and drivers, it also has a statutory mandate to promote and enforce road safety


To design and administer rules and regulations regarding:

  • The registration and licensing of vehicle whether for private or commercial use:
  • The testing of the fitness of vehicles for their intended use and the fitness of persons to be drivers of vehicle:
  • The licensing of drivers and vehicles:
  • The inspection and supervision of vehicle repair and maintenance service and
  • The routing and monitoring of passengers and goods transportation.


The Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority(SLRSA) was set up to regulate and coordinate development in the transport industry, including the registration and licensing of vehicles, the licensing of drivers, the promotion of road safety, the prescription of routes for passengers and goods transportation and for other matters connected thereto.


To deliver unto the people of this country goods and services that make road transportation modern, safe and more efficient through a better regulation, co-ordination and promotion of effective practices by all stakeholders in the road transport sector.


The Authority core values are diversity, respect, integrity, vision, efficiency, transparent and drive.


According to the authority’s Act 1996 part three(3) section nine(9) subsection ‘e’ states ‘To establish and maintain a data bank of relevant information on vehicles and the transport industry as a whole’. That is the reason for our existence in the authority with other tasks assigned to perform. As stated below;

  • Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority is a Lead Agency for Road Safety
  • The authority is been supervised by the Minister and his Deputy in the Ministry of Transport and Aviation
  • The authority works with other stakeholders like the Sierra Leone Police, Drivers Union, Bike Riders Union, Indigenous Transport Owners Association, Sierra Leone Road Authority, Road Maintenance Fund etc.
  • Research is done so that policies are designed and implemented to address road safety problems
  • An average more than five(5) persons die and twenty(20) injured in road accidents every week
  • Road accident increase poverty especially when a bread winner of a family dies
  • Post-crash response is slow for accident victims that increase death roll.


  • Road Safety Corps
  • Vehicle Examiners
  • SLRSA Contract Monitoring Staffs in Freetown/Bo/Kenema & Makeni
  • Voluntary along Trunk and Feeder Road

For Road accident Statistics 2020, Click Here


According to the table and chart designed above, I do my analysis, challenges and recommendations which are stated below;

  • The total number of Road Accident cases was 2,763 in year 2020 compared to 2,150 cases in 2019, which shows a variance of 613
  • Modal road accident month is December(345) 2020 compared to September(46)in 2019 with a variance of two hundred & ninety nine(299)
  • A decrease in road accident for the months of January-May 2020
  • An slight increase in road accident for the month of June(205) 2020
  • A decrease in the month of August(194) 2020
  • A linear increase for the months of September – December(215, 245, 280 &345)
  • Slight injury recorded was Eight hundred and thirty four(834) 2020, compared to Seventy Five(75) 2019 with a variance of seven hundred and fifty nine(759)
  • Serious injury recorded seven hundred and seventy (770) in 2020 compared to fifty two(52) in 2019, with a variance of seven hundred and eighteen(718)
  • Fatality was eight hundred and sixty seven(867) 2020 compared to five hundred and nineteen(519) 2019, with a variance of three hundred and forty eight(348)
  • A total number of five hundred and one (501) male was recorded for fatality in 2020 which is 57.8% from the total 867, compared to 214 male fatality 2019 which was 41% of the total 519
  • Also a total number of three hundred and thirty four(334) female was recorded for fatality in 2020, which is 38.5%, compared to 266 female fatality in 2019 which was 51% of total 519
  • Thirty two children(32) died in 2020 which is 3.7% compared to thirty nine(39) children in 2019 which was 8%, with a variance of seven(7)
  • 60% of road accident was recorded in the raining season for 2020. The justification is that it rains during the months of April, May, June, July, August, September, October & November{Eight(8) months)}
  • 40% of road accident was recorded during the dry season for 2020. The justification is that the months of Febraury, March, November and December are dries
  •  Pedestrian slight injury was two hundred and four(204) in 2020 compared to thirteen(13) in 2019 with a variance of one hundred and ninety one(191)
  • Pedestrian serious injury was two hundred and twenty one(221) in 2020 compared to twenty three(23) in 2019, with a variance of one hundred and ninety eight(198)
  • One hundred and thirty seven(137) road accident took place on feeder roads in 2020 compared to twenty five(25) in 2019
  • Six hundred and twenty(620) road accident took place on trunk roads in 2020 compared to twelve(12) in 2019
  • The Northern region recorded the highest rate of accident followed by South, East and West respectively


  • Over Loading
  • Drunk Driving
  • Over Loading
  • Fatigue
  • Disobeying Road Signs and signals
  • Mechanical Fault
  • Weather


  • Endorsement of drivers licenses for drivers frequently involved in road accident
  • A policy for exempting types of public transport plying to the provinces that are vulnerable to road crashes
  • Continuous sensitization and training of drivers on road  safety issues
  • Installation of traffic bid board
  • Collaboration among enforcement agents

Submitted By

Ambrose Thomas Tucker

Manager, Research and Development

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