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·        Operating motor vehicle other than the purpose for which it was registered Le 400,000 Reg. 7(2)
·        Failing to display motor  vehicle license for inspection Le 400,000 Reg. 19
·        Failing to replace lost or defaced motor vehicle license Le 400,000 Reg. 20
·        Failing to fix vehicle identification number plate (s) Le 400,000 Reg. 27(3)
·        Obscuring vehicle identification mark Le 100,000 RTA sec.8
·        Failing to take Learners permit and display of learners driver’s sign (L-plate) Le 400,000 Reg. 33
·        Driving vehicle not being holder  of appropriate class of driver’s license Le 400,000 Reg. 29
·        Driving with defaced or damaged driver’s license Le 400,000 Reg. 34 (1)
·        Failing to paint (yellow) the lower half of a taxi on both sides Le 400,000 Reg. 36(b)
·        Failing to zone a taxi  in the Western Area for west or east inscription on both               front doors Le 400,000 Reg. 36(c)
·        Using a taxi for conveyance of livestock Le 400,000 Reg. 36(g)
·        Carrying excess passengers on a taxi Le 400,000 Reg. 36(h)
·        Failing to inscribe number of passengers to be carried on both front doors of a             taxi Le 400,000 Reg. 36(h)
·        Driving an unclean taxi, driver not properly dressed, untidy or unclean on a taxi Le 400,000 Reg. 36(i)
·        Carrying passengers on an unsafe and unsuitable taxi Le 400,000 Reg. 36(j)
·        Failing to inscribe the maximum number of persons approved to be carried on             the two rear sides of the omnibus Le 400,000 Reg. 37(1(a))
·        Carrying excess persons onboard omnibus Le 400,000 Reg. 37(1(q))
·        Driving omnibus not kept clean, driver or conductor not properly dressed, or               untidy Le 400,000 Reg. 37(1(r))
·        Carrying goods and passengers at the same time onboard omnibus Le 400,000 Reg. 37 (1(s))
·        Driving omnibus on an unauthorized route Le 400,000 Reg. 40
·        Failing to route omnibus or minibus or taxi operating in the western area Le 300,000 Reg. 41
·        Failing to paint (yellow) on front and rear mudguard and fuel tank of a                         motorcycle Le 400,000 Reg. 42(1a)
·        Carrying load on the tank or in front of rider or passenger on a motorcycle Le 400,000 Reg. 42(1e)
·        Riding an unclean motorcycle, rider not properly dressed or untidy Le 400,000 Reg. 42(1f)
·        Riding commercial MC without reflective jacket approved by the Authority Le 400,000 Reg. 42 (1g)
·        Using motorcycle to tow another Le 400,000 Reg. 42(1h)
·        Riding motorcycle with inefficient brake Le 400,000 Reg. 42 (1k)
·        Emitting excessive smoke from motorcycle Le 400,000 Reg. 42(1m)
·        Insufficient or poor lighting system on MC Le 400,000 Reg. 42(1n)
·        Riding MC without factory horn or with inappropriate horn L400,000 Reg. 42 (1(o))
·        Riding MC without two rear view mirrors Le 400,000 Reg. 42(1p)
·        Riding MC without two sets of foot rest Le 400,000 Reg. 42 (1q)
·        A driver or conductor  making a nuisance to person or public (i.e. sounding                   instrument, speaking or noise) Le 400,000 Reg. 45
·        Carrying freight or load on the top or outside the hood, canopy of any vehicle Le 400,000 Reg. 54(g)
·        Carrying passenger on a goods vehicle Le 400,000 Reg. 54 (1) (j)
·        Driving vehicle with inefficient breaking system Le 400,000 Reg. 56
·        Driving vehicle with defective  Silencer  and exhaust Le 400,000 Reg. 57
·        Emission of excessive smoke from vehicle Le 400,000 Reg. 57 (3)
·        Driving vehicle with lighting system not in good working condition (i.e.                         headlight, trafficator, brake light or reverse light. Le 400,000 Reg. 58
·        Using inappropriate light on motor  vehicle Le 400,000 Reg. 58 (2)
·        Using inappropriate horn on vehicle Le 400,000 Reg. 59
·        Driving vehicle without at least two driving mirrors Le 400,000 Reg. 60
·        Placing object (s) or impediment on windscreen that obscure the vision of the              driver Le 400,000 Reg. 64
·        Driving with defective Windscreen wiper Le 400,000 Reg. 65
·        Driving vehicle without mudguard Le 400,000 Reg. 66
·        Driving vehicle with inefficient speedometer Le 400,000 Reg. 67
·        Failing to carry warning danger labels at front and rear of a spirit/ explosive                 tanker Le 400,000 Reg. 68(b)
·        Carrying additional freight or load on top of the tanker Le 400,000 Reg. 68 (c)
·        Parking a spirit/explosive tanker in populated areas Le 400,000 Reg. 68(d)
·        Carrying or permitting more than one passenger on trailer Le 400,000 Reg. 72 (f)
·        Driving a vehicle without reflectors Le 400,000 Reg. 77
·        Making unnecessary noise with the horn Le 400,000 Reg. 80 (e)
·        Stopping or parking vehicle within 8m from road corner (or junction). Le 400,000 Reg. 80 (g)

·        Leaving vehicle unattended on the road.

·        Failing to draw vehicle to nearside or shoulder of the road.

Le 400,000 Reg. 80 (i)
·        Causing unnecessary obstruction Le 400,000 Reg. 80
·        Disobeying verbal or signal directive given by an appropriate Authority Le 400,000 Reg. 80 (k)
·        Not complying with the  signs illustrated in highway code  and all other traffic             signs placed on or near  the road Le 400,000 Reg. 80 (m)
·        Disobeying  notice (s) on a road Le 400,000 Reg.80(n)
·        Failing to give appropriate  signal Le 400,000 Reg. 80 (o)
·        On demand by appropriate Authority, fails to produce driver’s license for                       inspection Le 400,000 Reg. 80 (q)
·        Permitting a person to ride on the wings, running boards, fenders, bonnets or             side of the vehicle Le 400,000 Reg. 80 (r)
·        Permitting a person other than the one in charge, to be carried on a vehicle                   drawn by another vehicle. Le 400,000 Reg. 80(s)
·        Leaving broken down vehicle not on right or nearside or shoulder of the road Le 400,000 Reg. 80(t)
·        Overloading a vehicle with passengers or load beyond the capacity permitted Le 400,000 Reg. 81 (5)
·        Carrying a person or object in front of a motor cycle rider Le 400,000 Reg. 82
·        Driver failing to take precautions when approaching a pedestrian/zebra                         crossing Le 400,000 Reg. 85
·        Loading or off-loading passengers or goods in an undesignated location Le 400,000 Reg. 95
·        Boarding or alighting from a vehicle rather than the designated location Le 400,000 Reg. 96
·        Carrying protruding or tailing load Le 400,000 Reg.99
·        Carrying load that spills or litters the road causing danger to road users Le 400,000 Reg. 99(2)
·        Towing a vehicle without towing permit from the Authority Le 400,000 Reg. 99 (3)
·        Towing a vehicle using rope or chain Le 400,000 Reg. 99 (4)
·        Writings, letters, words, figures painted or marked on the vehicle not clear or               legible Le 400,000 Reg. 104
·        Parking a motor vehicle or motor cycle on footway or pavement Le 200,000 Reg. 108






·        Driving an unregistered vehicle Le 400,000 Reg. 7
·        Failing to produce on demand by appropriate authority a copy of                   vehicle registration card Le 300,000 Re 9(2)
·        Failing to effect change of ownership within 30 days Le 400,000 Reg. 11
·        Change of colour without RSA’s approval Le 100,000 Reg. 12
·        Replacement of engine without the Authority’s approval Le 400,000 Reg. 13
·       Unauthorized entry, alteration, willfully destroy or defaces an entry in          the life card Le 500,000 Reg. 14

·        Carrying of fare- pay passengers on a vehicle with special trade                       License.

·        Carrying more than three persons engaged in testing or inspecting                 the vehicle with the view to purchasing it.

Le 400,000


Le 400,000

Reg.23 (8)

Reg.23 (8)

·        Dealer failing to keep log book,  make appropriate entry and open to             inspection by appropriate authority Le 400,000 Reg. 24
·        Transferring number plate from one vehicle to the other Le 400,000 Reg. 26(4)
·        Driving vehicle with damaged number plate Le 400,000 Reg. 26(8)
·        Fixing inappropriate number plate (i.e. not produced by the                           Authority) Le 500,000 Reg. 28(2)
·        Failing to apply for international driving license being holder of                       motor driving license Le 400,000 Reg. 30 (2)
·        Failing to apply for renewal of driving license Le 400,000 Reg. 30(3)
·        Failing to route and paint public service vehicle; taxis, omnibuses or               minibuses. Charging fare more than the one published. Le 300,000 Reg.41 (1 ,2&3)
·        Failing to wear safety crash helmet  on motor cycle while in motion Le 400,000 Reg. 42
·        Carrying more than four persons including the driver on a three                     wheel (tricycle). Le 400,000 Reg.42 (2)
·        Using tricycle for inter-city  service Le 400,000 Reg.42 (2)
·        Driving public service vehicle without passenger manifest (provincial             vehicle) Le 400,000 Reg. 52 (1)
·        Failing to present passenger manifest for examination by appropriate           Authority Le 400,000 Reg. 52 (4)
·        Driving without ECOWAS Int. Circulation Permit, liassez passez &                   ECOWAS brown card. Le 400,000 Reg. 53(1)
·        Carrying passenger other than an escort or conductor on a trailer. Le 400,000 Reg. 54 (1(i))
·        Person(s) standing in  a motor vehicle or trailer  which is not covered             while in motion Le 400,000 Reg. 54 (1) (k)
·        Driving a commercial vehicle that carries more than 9 passengers                   without emergency exit Le 400,000 Reg. 55 (4)
·        Driving motor vehicle without (fire extinguisher or wheel spanner or             horn, wipers, insurance certificate, warning triangle, mirror, inflated               spare tyre, first aid box, jack, road worthiness certificate Le 400,000 Reg.55 (6)
·        Driving vehicle not fitted with front and rear seat belts Le 400,000 Reg. 60(3)
·        Failing to fasten seat belt while the vehicle is in motion Le 400,000 Reg. 60 (4)
·        Driving vehicle with tinted glass not approved by police for security                reason Le 400,000 Reg. 64 (2)
·        Driving a motor vehicle in a condition which is likely to cause danger             to road user or property Le 400,000 Reg. 69
·        Driving a right hand steering vehicle Le 400,000 Reg. 73
·        Driving a vehicle without reflectors Le 400,000 Reg. 77
·        Smoking and driving a vehicle while in motion Le 400,000 Reg. 81 (6)
·        Eating and driving in a vehicle while in motion Le 400,000 Reg. 81 (6)
·        Making or receiving telephone calls while driving a vehicle in motion Le 400,000 Reg. 81 (7)
·        Leaving vehicle in a condition that constitute danger to other road                 users Le 400,000 Reg. 87(1b)
·        Repairing or servicing vehicles on main carriageway of the road Le 400,000 Reg.101 (2)
·        Making U- turn at undesignated location Le 400,000 Reg. 102
·        Driving/riding recklessly or carelessly or dangerously or under the                 influence of alcohol (in case of commercial vehicle). Arrestable Sect. 89 (2) RTA
·        Driving a motor vehicle dangerously Arrestable sec. 99, RTA
·        Careless and inconsiderate driving Arrestable Sect.101, RTA
·        Driving under the influence of alcohol above prescribed limit Arrestable Sect.103, RTA