Replacement of lost number plates

If one or loth number plates of my vehicle, get lost, what is tht procedure? Ans.: In the event you lose one or both plates of your vehicle, you mill report the loss both to the nearest Road Wet) Authority Officer and to the Police. You will be demanded a police Report from the Police Station where tine report is made and an affidavit from a justice of peace (JP).

After obtaining these documents, you will attach these two documents to an application form which you will submit to Road Safety Authority for a replacement of your plate or plates upon payment of a prescribed fee.

You will be required to complete the request form and pay for the plate or plates.

Replacement of damaged number plates

In this case you will report with your damaged plate and record card to the Road Safety Authority. When the Manager has checked that the details on the card tally with registration number on the plate, he will ask you to complete the form and pay for the plate/plates to the Banks within the compound. Take note that it is illegal to make or print number plates outside Road Safety Authority Head office where the companies are stationed. .