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The Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police Mr. Ambrose Michael Sovula on Tuesday 2nd February 2021 endorsed the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority partnership with Auto Parts Flanders Group a Belgian based company with expertise in auto-mobil spares, lubricants, and servicing of vehicles. The IGP who was at the SLRSA on a courtesy visit discussed with the Executive Director wide ranging issues bothering on the security features of the Authority’s Driver’s Licenses, the need for refresher training of both Road Safety Corps and Traffic Personnel of the Sierra Leone Police. On the Security features of the Drivers Licenses, the IGP disclosed that the police had received many reports in respect of fake Drivers Licenses and requested the SLRSA to expedite the process of reviewing the security features of the current Licenses.

Dilating on the need for, the IGP pointed out that there was urgent need for both Road Safety Corps and traffic police personnel to embark on refresher training to cement the relationship of the two institutions.
IGP Sovula was pleased with the SLRSA, APF Partnership and immediately endorsed a partnership deal with the SLRSA, APF. He stated that, the Sierra Leone Police would be sending mechanics to the auto-mobil school for training in modern techniques in servicing vehicles and to also buy modern and certified spares. The Executive Director Mr. Ibrahim Sannoh was pleased to receive the Inspector General of Police to the headquarters of the SLRSA for the second time since his appointment as Inspector General of police less than a year ago.

The Executive Director intimated that plans were at an advanced stage for the production of the first ever Biometric Drivers Licenses with robust security features before the end of the first quarter of 2021. He assured that, the proposed biometric licenses considering it robust security features would be impossible to fake. On the SLRSA, APF partnership, the Executive Director stated that, the objective of the partnership was to saturate the Road Transport Sector with quality durable and accessible vehicle spares, lubricants, synthetic oil, Batteries, Tyres that are European Certified. He further noted that, standard spraying of vehicles and an ultra-modern technical auto-mobil school that would be focusing on formal and practical trainings was also part of the agreement. Mr. Sannoh said the auto-mobil school would be open to members of the public in March this year and that the garage is already in operation and had exhibited its first product last week to members of the press.

The SLRSA Executive Director noted the concerns raised by the IG of Police and expressed optimism that the era of fake licenses would soon be a thing of the past with the new security features the authority has embedded in the proposed Driver’s License.

The two institutional heads agreed on having the refresher training sometimes next month, while the IGP was quick to call on the SLRSA Executive Director to tie the new Biometric Driver’s Licenses to the National Civil Registration Authority data base to forestall fraud.

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