Garage number plates are garage and vehicle dealers registration plates. They are plates with white letters and figures on a red background. The plates have the letters GP as a prefix and three(3) figures as on the other vehicle plates. The GP stands for ” Garage Plate”. After the three (3) figures, the letter ‘ R’ or ‘D, is placed to denote whether the garage is a repair garage or a dealers (D) garage where vehicles are sold.

How to obtain ‘Garage Number Plate’ in case you own a Repair Garage or deal in motor vehicles

You will first of all obtain an application form from the front desk of RSA which you pay a fee. You will complete the form and sign it appropriately.
You will then submit it to the Head of Transport Department of the Road Safety Authority (RSA) He will look through it and either go himself to inspect your Garage or your Dealer’s premises for suitability as a repair garage or a dealer’s shop or he will delegate the inspection to some one knowledgeable in the field.
The inspector will submit his/her report with appropriate recommendation to the Head of ‘Transport Department.’ If the inspection report and recommendations are favorable, the Head of Transport Department will advise you to pay the Prescribed fee for the certificate, plates and log book. He will prepare your garage certificate and allocate to your garage a number and the suffix “R” for Repair Garage or “D” for Dealer’s Garage. He will cause to be prepared the garage plate which equally will have the seal.

How to get your plates replaced

If you lost your garage plates, you have to report the loss to the nearest police station where you will be issued with a police report. You will again swear an affidavit from a justice of peace and then apply for a replacement of the lost plate(s) to which application you will attach the Police re-port and the sworn affidavit. You will submit the application to the Head of Transport of the RSA for necessary fees fore a new plate is issued to you.

What to do before collecting Garage Number Plates

You will have to sign for the plates before collecting them. You will be directed to the Manager, Transport Department of RSA who will make the necessary entries and ask you to sign for the plate. Before taking delivery of the plates however, you will pay for and collect a log book which goes with the plates and used together each time the plates are affixed to a vehicle.

How to use your ‘Garage Number Plates’

You can’t use the plates on any vehicle if you Want to avoid being arrested for driving an un— licensed vehicle. It is illegal for you to use the plates on vehicles which are neither under repairs, nor being tested after repairs or being driven to the garage for repairs, or from the entry point into the country to the dealer’s premises. It is in fact a criminal offence to use the plates on an unlicensed or un— insured vehicle.

Is there a time in the day for the use of the Garage plates?

The garage plate must not be used after 6 O’clock in the evening.

Are garage plates transferable from one owner to the other ?

Of course not! Garage plates are issued to one person or establishment only and cannot be transferred to another person or establishment.

Can garage plates be used for social activities, like weddings etc. and for commercial purpose like the conveyance of passengers of goods?

The law is specific in this regard. it is an offence to use the garage plates for social or Commercial purposes as mentioned above.