Estabishment Of Driving Schools

Part 1V section 32 (1-) provides that they any person wishing to operate a driving school must have the school registered by the Licensing Authority of the Road Safety Authority (RSA).

If I want to operate a driving schools how do I go about it?

Section 32 (2) states as follow: “A person seeking to operate a driving school shall submit to the Licencing Authority an application for registration which shall be in the prescribed form accompanied by the prescribed fee and information.”

What happens after I have made the payment and submitted my application form?

An officer from the Authority will be assigned the responsibility of inspecting the premises intended for the school and the equipment including the vehicles must have dual control systems. The officer will carry out the inspection and later make his recommendations to the Head of Transport Department at RSA who will approve or disapprove of the suitability of the premises and equipment for the Establishment of the driving school.

What happens if the Head of Transport Department approves of the school?

If he approves of the application he will have the school duly registered and graded in the prescribed manner, either as a light vehicles or heavy goods vehicles driver training school.

Can I employ any driver with a driving licence to be an instructor in the driving school?

Section 33 (1) of the Road Traffic Act states that ” A person shall not operate as a driving instructor unless he:
(a) Has passed the prescribed examination;
(b) Holds a current driving license granted under this act;
(c) Is mentally and physically fit to act as as instructor, and is registered as an instructor.

Where can a driving instructor be registered and how?

A Driving instructor can be registered at the Licensing Department of the Road safety Authority (RSA) and shall only be registered as an instructor in respect of motor vehicles, which he is licensed to drive.
Section 34 of the Act deals with the register of Driving instructors and the procedure involved in the registration process.

After going through the process and the Instructor is registered as such, is he given a certificate or something to identify him as such?

Section 34 (2) states that ” The Licencing Authority Shall issue the applicant with a certificate on the payment fee. The instructor will also be issued with an instructor’s identity card by the licensing Authority. Please note that the instructor shall not give instructions to trainees unless he carries in the course of instruction, an instructor’s certificate on which his number is embossed.

 For how long is an instructor’s certificate issued by the Licensing Authority valid?

It is valid for one(1) year from the date of registration is renewable each year.
Refusal to renew the registration will result to the removal of the instructor’s name from the register.


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