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Documents Required to Obtain a New Driver's License

Acceptable documents for the purpose of providing this information include, but may not be limited to, the following: (photo copies are acceptable).

  • A valid Identification (Voters, National or Nassit) Card, Birth Certificate  or Passport

  • Two Passport sized pictures

However, an applicant who is not a citizens of Sierra Leone may have to provide :

  • Residential Permit

  • Working Permit

For further information, please contact the SLRSA’s office.

  • New drivers must pass a vision, written and skills test to be issued a driver license.

  • No tests are required for persons transferring to Sierra Leone. with valid driving privileges, except persons transferring from foreign countries.

  • No testing is required for persons suspended less than one year.

  • Eye and written tests are required for drivers suspended for more than one year.

  • Any driver suspended or expired for more than five (5) years will start as a new driver.

  • All driver testing is performed by the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority Officer on scheduled days at SLRSA office.