The Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority SLRSA has ended a two day sensitization for drivers and motor bike riders on the importance of licensing. According to SLRSA, most riders and drivers in these communities do not have driving license nor do they license their vehicles.

The Public Relations Officer, SLRSA, Abdul Karim Dumbuya informed his audience that the outlet in Waterloo is to reduce the strains people go through to come to town to get license. Some people, according to Mr Dumbuya, are afraid of going to SLRSA’s headquarters as they prefer giving their money to middle men who most times over charge them. He encouraged them to make use of the Waterloo office.

Administrative Secretary, Safety and Enforcement Alimamy Marcus Sesay, said his department has sent ten wardens to Waterloo to ensure they enforce road safety measures. He urged the drivers to always take the order of the traffic wardens and ensure they pay their ticket fees to the bank.

Director of License, SLRSA, Ibrahim Sangbah called on the riders, drivers and vehicle owners to always go to the office and stop using middle men.

The authority, according to Mr. Sangbah, has been accused wrongly of taking extra charges from clients, a claim he denied saying it is the middle men who take extra money from members of the public. President of Motor Drivers Union Alpha Amadu Bah and President, Bike Riders Union David Sesay, described the move by SLRSA as a step in the right direction.